Is there a difference between garbage disposal units?

waste disposalIf you are shopping for a garbage disposal unit you may be confused as to what factors you should consider when buying one. Other that minor differences in the size of the unit, most garbage disposal units look the same. There are some differences between models and helping a buyer to understand these differences will be the focus of this article.

One of the most important differences between models is the horsepower in the unit. While most are sufficient for everyday use if you are in need for a stronger waste disposal unit to grind bones or other tough materials choose a model with higher horsepower such as one that has 1 horsepower or more. For more simple uses, a model with 1/2 horsepower is generally sufficient for most homes.

The size of the unit may be an additional consideration for kitchens that have limited space inside. Be sure to explore the size that you have available under your sink before buying one of the larger models so that you can make sure that the garbage disposal unit you purchase will fit inside.

waste disposalThere are a limited number of different manufacturers of garbage disposal units and many of the models seem similar to a shopper. One factor that does make a large difference is the guarantee that the manufacturer attaches to the unit. As the cost of installation will sometimes exceed the model cost itself an extended warranty will offer a real advantage to a homeowner and will often be worth the additional cost, in and of itself. Shop for models of garbage disposal units that have 7 years or more in their guarantee and be sure that you won’t have to replace your model anytime soon.