Create a Professional Home Kitchen With Five Simple Things

kitchenYou are ready to dive into the world of cooking, and want to set yourself up to cook like the professionals on TV and in those celebrity kitchens and restaurants. Standing in your kitchen, you realize that the best place to start would be with what you cook with. You run to the store at Restaurant Supply and stand in front of dozens of different types of cookware, cutting utensils, and so many things you have no clue what they do or how to use. Feeling overwhelmed, you feel your excitement start to diminish. That’s where this handy guide is going to not only help you set up your kitchen and make your kitchen look like it came out of your favorite restaurant.

Here are five of the best gadgets every kitchen should have:

• Mixer – No kitchen is complete without a mixer. Sure, it would be great to have one like a restaurant, but those can cost thousands of dollars. Being more budget friendly, look for a mixer that can do more than just do one thing. There are quite a few that have accessories and mixing attachments, and those will be very beneficial in the kitchen.

• Quality Knife Set – The kitchen is no place for poor quality knives. Chefs only use the best, and if they won’t settle for a cheap set, then neither should you. The sets that come in a block with multiple different knives is ideal simply because it gives you the most for the least amount of money. Sure, you can buy a $40 knife and then the rest of the set and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars. Or, you can buy a full set for a couple of hundred which will do the same job. Just make sure to also get a knife sharpener to keep those blades in pristine condition.

• Mandoline – Not only useful for making homemade potato chips, this has so many other uses, it’s a new necessity. This tool usually comes with a couple of different blades and makes slicing cheese and vegetables really easy. While a knife can be used, nothing will be able to slice as thinly as this multi-use tool. These can be found in any professional kitchen, so it’s a must in your own.

food processor• Food Processor – Okay, this list would not be nearly complete if it didn’t have one of these. The food processor is the holy grail of any kitchen because of what it can do. Make sauces, salsa, shred lettuce or other leafy greens in minutes with this. One thing to look for is one that comes with different blades. They help to shred and mince things quickly so you aren’t doing it tediously with your knife.

• Oil Spritzer – Not exactly the tool most would expect to find on this list, but there’s a reason it’s here. Making salads is a healthy way to have a meal, but not a lot of calories. When putting on dressing, it can be hard to evenly distribute the dressing on the salad. The spritzer allows the user to spray the dressing or oil right where it’s needed. Less of a mess and more of the dressing.

While these are five of the most essential and best used items in the kitchen, don’t be afraid to go and fill your kitchen with things you know will make you a culinary wizard. If you do that, then you will be known by your family and friends as the home chef who has all the skills.